1. 01 Jul, 2019 5 commits
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      Release version to 1.2 · eac43d79
      Tom Käsler authored
      * Adds a counter for the comments
      * Adds a badge in the comment view that counts comments / filtered comments
      * Adds a guest login for speaker role
      Performance improvements:
      * Enables Angular Ahead-of-Time compiler
      * Improves loading strategy for Service Workers
      General improvements:
      * Optimizes dark theme for better readability
      * Only shows the toolbar for the comments when there are more than 3 comments
      * Pins the searchbar for the comments to the top
      * Adds ID and local time to the header component in the comment view
      * Improves overall wording
      Bug Fixes:
      * Closes presentation view for comments on pressing ESC when in browser fullscreen
      * Fixed not being able to scoll in room settings
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      Reactive full functionality · e78cd990
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      Remove released versions from roadmap · 456575eb
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      Move WAI and Performance Analysis to a later release
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      Add changes for v1.2 to changelog · 630c822e
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