Commit a94d29f8 authored by Daniel Gerhardt's avatar Daniel Gerhardt

Fix `tabbar-button-icon-color` theme variable

`tabbar-button-icon-color` is no longer bound to `smiley-bg-color`.

This fixes a regression introduced in
parent 4af1ade9
......@@ -404,14 +404,17 @@ html, body,
.x-button-label {
color: $tabbar-button-label-color;
.x-button-icon:before {
color: $tabbar-button-icon-color;
.voteIcons:after {
box-shadow: inset 50px 50px 50px $tabbar-bg-color;
.x-button-icon:before {
.voteIcons:before {
color: $smiley-bg-color;
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