Commit 45c39579 authored by Daniel Gerhardt's avatar Daniel Gerhardt

Merge branch 'triggerNewAvailableLectureQuestion' into '2.6'

show notification for newly available lecture questions

See merge request !80
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......@@ -321,11 +321,11 @@
MASK_IS_ABSTENTION_ANSWER: "Sie haben sich enthalten",
MASK_CORRECT_ANSWER_IS: "Die richtige Antwort ist...",
MASK_VOTE_CLOSED: "Abstimmung nicht freigegeben",
ONE_NEW_LECTURE_QUESTION: "1 neue Hörsaalfrage",
ONE_NEW_PREPARATION_QUESTION: "1 neue Vorbereitungsaufgabe",
ONE_NEW_LECTURE_QUESTION: "Ein neuer Hörsaalinhalt",
ONE_NEW_PREPARATION_QUESTION: "Ein neuer Vorbereitungsinhalt",
SEVERAL_NEW_LECTURE_QUESTIONS: '### neue Hörsaalfragen',
SEVERAL_NEW_PREPARATION_QUESTIONS: '### neue Vorbereitungsaufgaben',
WANNA_ANSWER: "Möchten Sie jetzt antworten?",
WANNA_ANSWER: "Möchten Sie dahin springen?",
THERE_ARE: "Es gibt",
NEW_QUESTIONS: "neue Fragen.",
MY_QUESTIONS: "Meine Fragen",
......@@ -1199,11 +1199,11 @@
MASK_IS_ABSTENTION_ANSWER: "You´ve abstained from answering",
MASK_CORRECT_ANSWER_IS: "The correct answer is...",
MASK_VOTE_CLOSED: "Voting not enabled",
ONE_NEW_LECTURE_QUESTION: '1 new lecture question',
ONE_NEW_PREPARATION_QUESTION: '1 new preparation task',
ONE_NEW_LECTURE_QUESTION: 'One new lecture content',
ONE_NEW_PREPARATION_QUESTION: 'One new preparation content',
SEVERAL_NEW_LECTURE_QUESTIONS: '### new lecture questions',
SEVERAL_NEW_PREPARATION_QUESTIONS: '### new preparation tasks',
WANNA_ANSWER: 'Would you like to answer now?',
WANNA_ANSWER: 'Would you like to see it now?',
THERE_ARE: "There are",
NEW_QUESTIONS: "new questions.",
MY_QUESTIONS: "My questions",
......@@ -1255,8 +1255,8 @@
NEW_LECTURE_QUESTION: "New lecture question",
NEW_PREPARATION_QUESTION: "New preparation task",
NEW_LECTURE_QUESTION: "New lecture content",
NEW_PREPARATION_QUESTION: "New preparation content",
ARE_YOU_SURE: "Are you sure?",
DELETE_QUESTION_TITLE: "Delete question",
......@@ -500,7 +500,7 @@ Ext.define('ARSnova.view.user.InClass', {
showNotification: function (questionIds, variant, newRound, round) {
var features ='Feature').getActiveFeatures();
if (features.lecture && variant === 'lecture' && !features.slides ||
if (features.lecture && variant === 'lecture' ||
features.jitt && variant === 'preparation') {
this.showNotificationMessage(questionIds, variant, newRound, round);
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