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Release version 2.3.0

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# Changelog
## 2.3
Major features:
* Use case scenarios: To simplify the user interface, question types and
functions are now enabled on a per session basis. Unused features are hidden
and no longer distract from the workflow.
* Improved UI theming: Theming has been simplified by providing a variables
file. Deep knowledge of CSS, SCSS and ARSnova's HTML structure is no longer
required for color adjustments. Additionally, the default theme got a refresh.
* Message of the Day: It is now possible to display a message to all users per
session or globally.
* New question type "Ask the audience": four options A, B, C, and D without
question text.
* CSV export/import (experimental): Questions and their answers can now be
exported to a simple CSV file.
Minor features and changes:
* Improved formatting: New formatting options (GitHub Flavored Markdown) are
* New templates for opinion polls have been added.
* Chrome's "pull-to-refresh" action is now longer triggered in text fields.
* Text selection in multiline editors no longer triggers scrolling.
* It is now possible to freeze live feedback.
* Image uploads except for hot spot questions and image answers are no longer
available. Images on external servers can still be embedded via Markdown.
* Usability improvements and bug fixes
Bug fixes:
* Image scaling and rotation have been fixed.
Changes for developers:
* The `grunt run` build task has been improved to display important messages by
Sencha Cmd. Verbose output for debugging purposes is displayed when parameter
`-v` is used.
* Maven builds are now deprecated for the frontend. Please use Grunt instead.
* Version information is now saved with builds and is accessible via `Version`
**This version is brought to you by:**
Project management: Klaus Quibeldey-Cirkel
Lead programming: Andreas Gärtner, Daniel Gerhardt, Tom "tekay" Käsler,
Christoph Thelen
Contributions: Daniel Haag (University of Innsbruck), Juan Markowich,
Marco Schäfer
Sponsoring: [AG QLS](,
## 2.2
Major features:
* Peer Instruction: A question can now be answered again in a second round.
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