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# How to contribute

This project is due to a 'Softwaretechnik-Projekt' at THM in WiSe 17/18, from March 1st until March 16th. If you want to contribute, please contact our product owner. 

> Contact Information will be added when he gives his okay.

## Horizon

With this project, a new frontend for [ARSnova]( based on [Angular]( will be build. 

We want to build this frontend as lightweight as possible while granting a user friendly, envolving experience.

For more information, see our [](

## Getting Started

* Make sure you have a [THM Gitlab account](
* Submit an issue for every task if it does not already exist.
* Clearly describe the issue including steps to reproduce when it is a bug.

## Making changes

* Create a topic branch from where you want to base your work.
    * This should always be the master branch, unless something went terribly wrong.
    * Use tags to describe your issue/branch/merge request.
    * Always provide information on what you are working on.
    * To quickly create a topic branch, go to your issue, expand `Create a merge request` and select `Create branch`.
* Make commits of logical and atomic units.
* Check for unnecessary whitespaces with `git diff --check` before commiting.
* Create tests for your changes, if possible (yes, it takes time, it is annoying, but also it is **necassary**)
* Run *all* tests to assure nothing else was accidentally broken.
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## Submitting Changes

* Push your changes to a topic branch in the repository.
* Check whether your topic branch is up to date with `master`. If not, please rebase your branch.
* Submit a merge request to the repository.
* Provide information about what changed.
* Mark you merge request with `ready for testing` when you finished your work. If you haven't already, mark it with `work in progress` and add `[WIP]: ` to the merge request's title.
* The team will then test your changes. When everything is as expected, your merge request will be marked as `ready for review`
* The scrum master will then check your code for style and compatibility. If everything is okay, your changes will be merged.
* If something goes wrong - do not panic! There will be a change request with more information about what went wrong. You can fix these problems, your merge request will remain open.

## Styleguides
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### Git Commit Messages

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* Use the present tense (`Add feature` instead of `Added feature`).
* Use the imperative mood (`Move cursor to...`instead of `Moves cursor to...`).
* Limit the first line to 72 characters or less.
* Reference issues and merge requests liberally after the first line.