Fixes overflow in the quiz rename component

parent 4797e6c0
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
<h4>{{'component.quiz_rename.rename' | translate:{NAME: duplicateQuiz.quizName} }}</h4>
<button *ngFor="let renameRecommendation of duplicateQuiz.renameRecommendation"
(click)="sendRecommendation(duplicateQuiz, renameRecommendation)"
class="btn btn-secondary rounded p-2 my-2 rename-recommendation">{{renameRecommendation}}
class="btn btn-secondary rounded p-2 my-2 rename-recommendation text-break">{{renameRecommendation}}
<div class="mt-2">
<p>{{'component.quiz_rename.custom.title' | translate}}</p>
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