Commit f0a0c263 authored by Christopher Mark Fullarton's avatar Christopher Mark Fullarton
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Fixes url rewrite of cached assets

parent 9e7ff980
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ export async function MatchAssetCachedQuiz(quiz: IQuiz): Promise<IQuiz> {
export function MatchTextToAssetsDb(value: string): Promise<string> {
const acceptedFileTypes = [/image\/*/];
const foundUrls = value.match(assetsUrlRegex);
const assetsBasePath = `${settings.rewriteAssetCacheUrl}/lib/cache/quiz/assets`;
const assetsBasePath = `${settings.rewriteAssetCacheUrl}/api/lib/cache/quiz/assets`;
return new Promise<string>(resolve => {
if (!foundUrls) {
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