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Commit df106e28 authored by Philipp Sautner's avatar Philipp Sautner


parent 7bd96109
export enum MessageOfTheDayModelType {
import { getModelForClass, prop, Severity } from '@typegoose/typegoose';
import { IsArray, IsEnum, IsString } from 'class-validator';
import DbDAO from '../db/DbDAO';
import { DbCollection } from '../enums/DbOperation';
import { MessageOfTheDayModelType } from '../enums/MessageOfTheDayModelType';
export class MessageOfTheDayModelItem {
enum: MessageOfTheDayModelType,
}) //
@IsEnum(MessageOfTheDayModelType) //
public type: MessageOfTheDayModelType;
@prop({ type: String }) //
@IsString() //
public header: string;
@prop({ type: String}) //
@IsString() //
public content: string;
@prop({ type: Date}) //
@IsArray() //
public expiryDate: Date;
export const MessageOfTheDayModel = getModelForClass(MessageOfTheDayModelItem, {
schemaOptions: {
collection: DbCollection.History,
timestamps: true,
existingConnection: DbDAO.dbCon,
options: {
runSyncIndexes: true,
allowMixed: Severity.ALLOW,
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