Commit 5a0b374f authored by Christopher Mark Fullarton's avatar Christopher Mark Fullarton
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Adds gitlab deployment for the beta server

parent ac2663ef
......@@ -66,5 +66,7 @@ deploy:
- ssh-keyscan "$STAGING_BACKEND_URL" >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts
- ssh-add <(echo "$STAGING_SSH_PRIVATE_KEY")
- rsync -rltgoDqv --delete -e "ssh" dist/* "$STAGING_BACKEND_SSH_URL"
- rsync -rltgoDqv --delete -e "ssh" dist/* "$BETA_BACKEND_SSH_URL"
- ssh $NEW_PRODUCTION_SSH 'touch /home/arsnova/'
- ssh $NEW_PRODUCTION_SSH 'touch /home/arsnova/'
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