Fixes tsc errors

parent 9180ecd1
import { QuestionType } from '../../enums/QuestionType';
import { IAnswerBase, IAnswerEntity } from '../answeroptions/IAnswerEntity';
import { IValidationStackTrace } from '../IValidationStackTrace';
export interface IQuestionBase {
readonly TYPE: string;
readonly TYPE: QuestionType;
displayAnswerText: boolean;
timer: number;
questionText: string;
import { Binary } from 'bson';
import * as Hex from 'crypto-js/enc-hex';
import * as requestPromise from 'request-promise-native';
import AssetDAO from '../../db/AssetDAO';
......@@ -53,7 +52,7 @@ export function MatchTextToAssetsDb(value: string): Promise<string> {
url: foundUrl,
mimeType: contentType,
data: new Binary(buffer),
data: Buffer.from(buffer),
const result = assetValidator.validateSync();
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