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Commit 4b43a986 authored by Christopher Fullarton's avatar Christopher Fullarton

Deactivates the quiz keepalive check

parent 7206a0c9
......@@ -523,11 +523,16 @@ class QuizDAO extends AbstractDAO {
private checkExistingConnection(quizName: string, privateKey: string): void {
// FIXME must be rewritten to use the correct quiz exchange and routing key path
if (true) {
const reqOptions: http.RequestOptions = {
protocol: settings.amqp.managementApi.protocol,
port: settings.amqp.managementApi.port,
path: `/api/exchanges/${encodeURIComponent(settings.amqp.vhost)}/quiz_${encodeURIComponent(encodeURIComponent(quizName))}/bindings/source`,
path: `/api/exchanges/${encodeURIComponent(settings.amqp.vhost)}/${encodeURIComponent(AMQPConnector.quizExchange)}/bindings/source`,
auth: `${settings.amqp.managementApi.user}:${settings.amqp.managementApi.password}`,
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