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* [Layers](development/
* [Caching](development/
* [Event System](development/
* [API](development/
## Authentication
The ARSnova API uses _JSON Web Tokens_ to authenticate users statelessly.
To receive a JWT initially, a client has to login using an endpoint specific for the authentication provider.
As response a JSON object containing the JWT is sent:
"userID": "fe5d046b30c64e3e931094865d3415c4",
"loginId": "",
"authProvider": "ARSNOVA",
"token": "eyJ0eXAiOi...eLvinH9rZ0"
To get authorization to API endpoints the JWT is sent as part of HTTP Basic Authentication with `Bearer` scheme as described in
[RFC 6750](
The `Authorization` header is set for all further requests:
Authorization: Bearer eyJ0eXAiOi...eLvinH9rZ0
## REST Endpoints
## Query Endpoint
## Management Endpoints
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