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Commit 2ece950a authored by Curtis Adam's avatar Curtis Adam
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Merge branch 'revert-b4cc6640' into 'staging'

Revert "View for Filter in Pool"

See merge request !322
parents 5d7bf7a9 fc6ff78b
Feature:Good Position
As a visitor to the site,
I want to go on Pool
So that i can choose a Filter
Given I am on the site Filter
Scenario: User uses Filter
When I'm click on Pool
And choose a Filter
Then I should see the Filter in order
import {login, logout} from "../helper_functions";
module.exports = function () {
'use strict';
this.Given(/^User is on the site$/, function () {
// Write code here that turns the phrase above into concrete actions
this.Given(/^User is logged in$/, function () {
// Write code here that turns the phrase above into concrete actions
this.Given(/^User is on the Filter view$/, function () {
browser.waitForExist('.cardsetInfo', 5000);
this.When(/^User click on Pool$/, function () {
this.Then(/^User choose a Filter$/, function () {
browser.waitForExist('#cardset-list', 5000);
this.Then(/^User should see Filter in Order$/, function () {
browser.waitForExist('.cardsetInfo', 5000);
this.Then(/^User log out$/, function () {
// tests/features/Filterversetzt_steps.js
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